What and who is Babellica?

Babellica is a one-woman show: I work autonomously as a translator and proofreader with substantial experience in English to Portuguese translation, editing, proofreading and writing in several areas of expertise.

I am focused on working primarily with entrepreneurs who need some assistance in writing. I have a special interest in helping them out translating and “polishing” their websites, brochures or any other marketing materials.

I have translated and proofread mostly - but not exclusively - marketing copy (blogs; newsletters; magazines; brochures; websites), but also technical documents (guides and manuals; proposals; essays and reports; letters; memoranda; press releases; etc.) In fiction, I have translated mostly children’s books. 

Working from home is way more efficient to “keep your eye on the ball” and meeting deadlines. Additionally, being an expat mother living in the Netherlands, translating and proofreading also allow me a better work-life balance.

This is me and what I love doing for a living.

You can reach me by email at and request a quote.


Translation from English to European Portuguese (EN-PT) and vice-versa (PT-EN)

  • a native speaker of Portuguese;
  • a fluent speaker of English;
  • your message properly conveyed;
  • broad quality control;
  • use of TM (Translation Memory) technologies for consistency;
  • use of multilingual termbases.

Proofreading of documents both in English and Portuguese

  • correction of all typos and language errors;
  • formatting;
  • confidentiality.


I must say I prefer competing on quality rather than price. Please have a look at my rates or feel free to check the word count of your document to get an idea of the price.

If your document has more than1000 words and you need a swift delivery, please request a quote via email and write "Swift delivery" on the Subject.


  • Translation: 0.15€ per word (delivered within 24h - smooth delivery); 0.20€ (delivered within 12 hours - swift delivery)
  • Proofreading: 0.08€ (delivered within 24h - smooth delivery); 0.10€ (delivered within 12 hours - swift delivery)
  • Editing: 0.10€ per word (delivered within 24h - smooth delivery); 0.15€ per word (delivered within 12 hours - swift delivery)
  • Content writing: 0.17€ per word (delivered within 24h - smooth delivery); 0.20€ per word (delivered within 12 hours - swift delivery)

My rates and delivery schedules are based on

  • Word count;
  • Subject matter;
  • Desktop publishing requirements;
  • Source and target file formats;
  • Client review and approval requirements;
  • Client workflow requirements.